About Education for Global Peace

Education for Global Peace is a movement that seeks to bring about a world based on a culture of peace. We believe that the foundation of peace is education and the foundation of the world is peace. Therefore our goal is to mainstream peace education in educational systems worldwide.
Education for Global Peace is an initiative of the Center for Citizen Peacebuilding at the University of California Irvine – www.peacebuilding.uci.edu

From space when looking on planet Earth we see no borders. Just a beautiful fragile planet in the darkness of space. It is this very awareness that we seek to foster in every human being – that we are all one big human family connected to each other, nature and planet Earth. And as Mother Teresa said,” “If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” We must all be reminded that we all belong to each other and thus must safeguard each other and the planet.

Peace is the foundation of living dignified lives to our fullest potential. Peace must be bestowed on every human being. Peace education must be integrated into the current curriculum. It must be brought to the forefront of discussions, research and development in schools and educational institutions.

Imagine having a globally connected peace education curriculum in all the countries of the world. Imagine students all over the world learning and interacting around core concepts. Imagine giving students the ability to connect with each other in a safe supportive environment. And imagine giving students the space and tools to act as “solutionaries”.

Imagine your life if everyone around you, had similar skills to resolve any conflict peacefully. Imagine your life in a world without war.
Humanity must learn to live in peace to survive on this one and only precious Earth. From this stems the importance of educating for peace. Every child must be given an opportunity to study peace and its many benefits. The promotion of understanding, peace and tolerance through education is a fundamental human right.

We are able to split the atom and fly to the moon but we are unable to live in peace with one another. Peace should be at the forefront of education and human existence. This is our challenge. This is our legacy. Together we can turn this dream into a reality. There are so many people and organizations working for peace and education.

The silent masses of the world just want to live dignified lives in peace. It’s time we give a unified voice to the call in our hearts.