Campaign for Global Peace Education

We plan on launching a massive global petition campaign that will raise awareness and demonstrate the great benefits of peace and peace education, and the multiplier effect on the well being of people, society and the economy. The campaign will catalyze policy changes in governments of major countries to mainstream peace education and invest substantial funds in peace education, in part, from their defense spending.

It is time to build momentum for peace education in every school, college and university and to bring our students together worldwide in honor of this mission. It is time for the people of planet Earth to join hands and create a turning point in human history so we can survive as one human family on our one and only precious Earth.

Toward this end, together, we can ensure that peace education is mainstreamed and that students in these programs learn to practice, express and advocate for the core principles of nonviolent problem solving. Imagine giving students the space and tools to use their own creativity and ingenuity to solve problems peacefully in their local communities and beyond.

To create a foundation of world peace, peace education is required. The time is now. Our future depends on it. This is our legacy.

Imagine a world based a global culture of peace and nonviolence. In such a culture even the most difficult issues can be resolved peacefully, human rights are protected, sustainable economic and social development are promoted, and the principles of equality and diversity are upheld.

We acknowledge the great work underway for decades by many organizations. We aspire to join forces with them to reach our shared goals.