The Power of Respect in Peace Education

The Power of Respect in Peace Education

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Matt Meyer is a New York City-based educator, activist, and author, and is coordinator of the War Resisters International Africa Support Network. In this clip, he discusses the power of respect in education, especially peace education.


Hilary Cremin on Transformational Peace Education in the 21st century

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What curriculum, pedagogies, relationships, and structural organisation in educational settings constitute effective peacekeeping, peacemaking, peace-building? What is the impact of this on peace for individuals and communities at local, national and global levels?


Reducing School Violence

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How can our schools reduce violence and better protect our students?

Woodruff: A lesson of non-violence

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This is a documentary that tells a powerful story of what one remarkable elementary school in Little Rock, Arkansas was doing to deal with violence. It is an amazing testament to the goodness of human beings.

Building Community With Acts Of Kindness

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By Peggy Sia

This quick and easy lesson, Building Community, was designed to motivate and teach my students about mindful acts of kindness. It was a modified activity that was inspired by other teachers. Throughout my preparation and our countdown to the big day, I awaited with anticipation, for my students’ “big aha” moment. Unexpectedly, I was the one who received many revelations and was swept by the awesome power of kindness within our learning community. Watch this video for quick instructions and or ideas to cultivate kindness in your classroom community!