All people sharing the world in peace.

Who We Are

A platform to spur a global education revolution in peaceful living and problem solving from early childhood to adulthood.

What We (Plan to) Offer

  • Global Peace Education Research Center – The world’s largest open peace education research platform and database. GPERC will be a clearinghouse for peace education curriculum and programs, case studies, best practices and lessons learned for generations to come. It is, if you will, a mapping of humanity’s quest for peace.
  • The PeacEd Gateway – The world’s most comprehensive network for peace education. A free and open web platform that will:
    – Empower students and teachers to acquire the values, the knowledge and develop the attitudes, skills, and behaviors to live in harmony with oneself, with others, and with the natural environment.
    – Provide access to the global peace education database, from which educators and students worldwide may devise a tailored peace education program based on their needs.
    – Unleash the collective genius of a global community collaborating on projects and acting as “solutionaries”, using advanced technologies for the profound connectedness of children and youth and worldwide.
    – Be matchmakers for new partnerships to enhance collaborative peaceful problem solving.