“A voice for peacebuilders”

Everyone can have a say about peace. We are all diverse and the richness of this diversity makes our different experiences in peace, conflict and peacebuilding unique. Our Global Village is a global community that facilitates, empowers and develops our potential to become peacebuilders. Essentially, this creative platform hosts mixed-media sources such as short videos, documentaries, scripts, articles, poetry and art that communicate a wide variety of ideas about how we practice peace in everyday life. This is a platform for experts and non-experts (including students) alike to share their insights, knowledge and experiences and to learn from each other.


Facilitate a way of unique creative expression to communicate concepts related to nonviolence, conflict resolution, transformation and peacebuilding.

Global Community
You are invited to join a global community of peace builders by sending a short video of yourself talking about the following themes:
Imagine our world without…
Imagine our world with…
I want to be a peace builder (or peace maker) because… 
You can also add "My most successful life lesson related to peace" 

Empower each other to become peacebuilders in daily life through sharing our experiences on how to promote peace and wellbeing in varying contexts. We can also provide assistance for those who are in challenging situations and request help in problem-solving through developing their mixed-media source. A global community such as Our Global Village is a supportive safe place with the capability to promote participatory problem-solving to enable the best outcome for all parties involved.


Develop a mechanism that allows us to spread our messages in different media around the world, enabling us to reach a wider audience.

Get In Touch

If you want to learn more about this project, do not hesitate to contact our project leader! 

Project leader:

Juan Felipe Carrillo 

Project collaborators:

Edgar Buryahika

Gal Kleinman

Marie Nissanka

María Paula Unigarro

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