Classroom Connect

Classroom Connect facilitates the connection of elementary, middle, high school and college students and teachers from around the world to promote peace and understanding.



EGP Youth Center

Learn about our first ever youth center in Pakistan

“Promoting Peace through Practice, Academia, and the Arts”

The book includes contributors from five continents, seeks to deepen and advance conversations about how education and the arts, as well as other fields, can contribute to spurring a global cultural revolution that will advance a culture of peace.

Global Village

Voices from around the world. 

I want to be a peace buildermaker because…

Peace Lesson Talks

A place to present and and share your lessons on peace, through video, animations, podcasts, text and other media forms.

PeacEd Gateway

PeacEd Gateway

“Peace Education for All”

Building the world’s most comprehensive network for peace education. 


Global Peace Education Research Center

 “Mapping humanity’s quest for peace”