Comic Strip on Peace Education

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Comic strip

 “A pedagogical strategy”

Cartooning peace education as a pedagogical strategy to understand the implications of nonviolence, conflict transformation and to develop measures promoting peacebuilding. The project is a storytelling in five episodes about conflict transformation and nonviolence at school.


Facilitate the understanding of peace education and its practical development by means of images and drawings available to all.

Global Community
Through storytelling and images, we can communicate to different cultures about the need of promoting peace education every day. Our comic strip series will be available in different languages and adapted to different contexts in order to encourage diversity. 

Empowering everybody to promote peace education in daily life - understanding that we all have the possibility to teach nonviolence and conflict transformation. It is about small and simple acts that help us live better and understand each other.


Develop concrete strategies and partnerships to increase the impact of our work on conflict sensitivity and structural violence. Our objective would be to form partnerships with cartoonists promoting peace.

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If you want to learn more about this project, do not hesitate to contact our project leader! 

Project leader:

Juan Felipe Carrillo 

Project collaborators:

Lisenka Sedlacek

Teodora Tomescu (Comic strip designer)

María Paula Unigarro