News from The Future

 “People build peace only when they can imagine a more peaceful set of circumstances, a more peaceful future.”

Like all education, peace education fires the imagination. We believe an essential part of peace education is imaginative pedagogy. In short, we must be able to imagine the future we want to build. An exciting imaginative device is News from The Future

News stories written “in the future,” wherein those stories explain how an important problematic cultural, structural, or direct violence, was solved. If we can write “news” stories about how we are building peace and human security, we are, in effect, summarizing how problems can be solved; insecurity, injustice, and violence can be transformed into peace.

If you are interested in being part of a research team that will contribute to the production of news stories; or participating in a publications team, looking for new venues for the publication of our “news from the future”; or part of the team writing our stories—fill out the form below. You will hear from Dr. Michael Minch, our News from The Future director, and we will work toward your contribution to this vital project. Please communicate in the form below in English, although your contribution can be welcome in a number of other languages.
  • Imagine story dated in 2025, posted in Port-au-Prince, explaining how the last village in Haiti to receive it, now has clean, safe water. The story explains the genesis of the plan to deliver potable water to all, how the plan was executed, and how cholera and other deaths from unsafe water, are no history in a country where previously, one out of every six children died due to unsafe water.


  • Imagine also story dated 2035 that explains how the world’s last nuclear weapon came to be decommissioned.
Global Community
The teams who will produce News from The Future will constitute a mini-global community of sorts, with members joined together from across the globe, participating in many languages. We will also be working to help build global community, because the “news” stories that are written about one problem in one place will have applications to many problems in many places.

Contributing to News from The Future will be a way to experience the empowerment of building peace for others around the world; and it will be a way to empower others in their own imaginative powers toward peacebuilding.


Develop a mechanism that allows us to spread our messages in different media around the world, enabling us to reach a wider audience.

Get In Touch

If you want to learn more about this project, do not hesitate to contact our project leader! 

Project leader:

María Paula Unigarro

Project Collaborator:

Juan Felipe Carrillo

Fran Faraz