Global Peace Education Research Center

“If you want the certainty of war - teach the ways of war. If you want peace - teach the ways of peace.”

GPERC’s goal is to become the world's largest open peace education research platform, home, hub and network for peace education. The network will include peace education organizations, schools, educators, scholars and other institutions wanting to contribute to and benefit from the vast body of information to be collected and studied. 

Mission: Advance and mainstream peace education by supporting institutions and partners to engage, collaborate and innovate in research, education, service, and advocacy.

Vision: All people sharing a peaceful, inclusive, vibrant and united world where equality, diversity, justice, human security, nonviolence and truth are pursued and upheld.


Research, collect, monitor, evaluate and highlight existing peace education programs/curricula worldwide.

GPERC will be the back-end database from which teachers can choose curricula on the PeacEd Gateway.

Relevant institutes, academic programs, researchers, students, schools, and organizations will all contribute and benefit from the vast body of information collected.


When needed peace education curricula will be developed according to specific local, cultural and regional needs.

Learn about some of our planned PROGRAMS 

Classroom Connect

Classroom Connect facilitates the connection of elementary, middle, high school and college students and teachers from around the world to promote peace and understanding.

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Project leader:

Gal Kleinman

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